Goldbex direct plans are the fastest gold accumulation plans on the market, in fact with only 2 customers (sometimes even with only one customer) you close the contract and get an immediate profit of 50%.

And this profit, you can repeat it as many times as you want ... But let's go in order and see how many types of direct plans there are and what are the returns of each

DP100 I put 100 € I get 150 €
DP300 I put 300 € I get 450 €
DP500 I put 500 € I get 750 €
DP1000 I put 1000 € I get 1,500 €
DP3000 I put 3000 € I get 4.500 €
DP5000 I put 5000 € I get 7,500 €


Now I'll explain here how these plans work with an example, then under the explanation you will find a video where I explain everything in detail and you will surely be able to understand the Extraordinaryness of this Simple System to generate new income.

With this plan we are going to place a gold purchase order for a value of € 200 (which we will call the total purchase value), but as I told you, even with Direct Plan we only pay a deposit which in this case is at 50% of the total purchase value, so 50% of € 200 is € 100. The remaining 50% will be paid / discounted through a simple referral job.

So it means that the 100 € that is missing to complete our purchase, we will not have to take them out of our pockets, but we will simply have to share this same plan with 2 other customers to get what I will shortly show you.

The company will then have to have its own advantage, in fact it will be 25% of the total value of the order (therefore 50 €) ... and adding up, we have put 100 € and we get 150 € in digital gold (which then we can convert into money or even BTC) which means that in this case we have achieved a ROI of 150% ...

And you can get the same 50% profit with the other 5 plans of higher amount, so it means that if with the DP100 you get € 150 in gold, with the DP1000 you will get € 1,500 and so on for the others ...

And this 50% profit you can repeat a second, a third, a tenth, a hundredth ... time, with the great advantage that the customers you have recommended, when they reopen a second, a third, a tenth ... time a new contract, thanks to the Follow me system, they will always do it under you ... and this means that you can also benefit from their work ... I'll explain everything clearly in the video.

In the video below, I'll explain in detail all the operation of these very fast plans:


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