EXW is a wallet / exchange just like Coinbase, Wirex ... which offers you more products and services than others. The abbreviation EXW stands for Exchange wallet.

With EXW you have the opportunity to receive daily, 7 days a week, automatic daily earnings on what you leave deposited in your EWX wallet and soon you will see how this new wallet can also be transformed into a new source of income for you.


Through the transactions carried out in the exchange Exw and the trading operations, the company generates capital in order to remunerate its customers.

Through EXW Exchange you can instantly convert cryptocurrencies into Euros and vice versa - faster and easier than any other platform. With EXW Exchange you can now convert digital currency pairs with each other.

With our EXW token, which is an ERC-20 token, you will have the opportunity to earn profits up to 0.32% every day without further effort, simply by leaving them deposited within the wallet (minimum deposit now € 100).

The EXW token is the revolution for your personal financial area. For the first time, it is possible for individuals and companies to become part of Exchange and other interesting areas in a simple, quick and fully automated way and to earn profits up to 0.32% every day. And as I will show you later, thanks to compounding, you can get very, very interesting profits. If you want to increase your earnings even more, the company has also created a sustainable and at the same time extraordinary marketing plan.

Look at the photo below and see how the 0.32% per day, which may seem like little stuff, thanks to the compound interest, becomes something interesting on a monthly and extraordinary basis on an annual basis ... And here, for now, I remind you that we are only talking about earnings that come to us automatically, leaving sums deposited in our EXW wallet ...

If you want more information on how these percentages can grow considerably even more, I will be happy to explain the marketing program designed by the company, which is already allowing many people to get daily revenue at 2-3 zeros in just a few months. of activity. This of course to those who have focused and are working hard to achieve their goals. And the great thing about EXW is that unlike other businesses, here really anyone can earn (at least 0.32% per day), the risk is that a person could earn more than he thought at the beginning .... nice risk ... don't you think ?!


We at EXW as a company are pursuing the goal of further expanding our vast community. Whenever currencies are exchanged through the exchange, the company generates a profit through transaction fees.

Another part of the profit also comes from trading.

In addition, we generate profits through cooperation in the automotive sector, for example with the Car Program EXW, which has now been made accessible to our community.

Other advantages of the EXW portfolio:

SEPA deposit: For the first time, it is possible to participate in this project with EURO, i.e. pay by SEPA transfer. The money is then exchanged for tokens and transferred to the wallet.


Even with EXW you can have your card which, attention, will not only be a debit card, but it can also be a credit card.

The EXW-Card not only simplifies payments in everyday life, but also works for your travels abroad, for online reservations or for offline payments all over the world. To receive an EXW-Card, no credit check is required! This way even customers with a low credit rating, like young entrepreneurs, can use this special credit card!

The EXW Card has a simple but revolutionary purpose: it creates the possibility of exchanging crypto currencies in real time with other currencies.



With the EXW CAR PROGRAM you will have the opportunity to drive the car of your dreams!
Thanks to cooperation in the vehicle sector, we are able to provide cars for long-term rental via the platform. Long-term rental as an all-inclusive concept:

Payment of the lease
Help in case of breakdowns or accidents

Various brands such as Mercedes, BMW or Audi have thus made available to the whole community at very good prices and the women's rental can be paid directly through the EXW wallet with our security token.




Payment with cryptocurrencies is easily possible with EXW:

use our EXW PoS system which you can pay in everyday life situations using cryptocurrencies - simply and conveniently. EXW PoS solves the problems so far present in the store (PoS), such as long transaction paths, cumbersome exchanges, low limits.