"We teach you how to achieve financial freedom”

By subscribing to our Goldbex University you will have access to our continuous training system, taught by professionals in the sector. In this system, you can also find a Master of Financial Intelligence and Neuriqueza, with certification at the end, composed of 9 modules of 4 classes each that will be taught monthly.
Our first level trainers and our Revolutionary System will teach you:

  • Education and Financial Intelligence.
  • How to obtain a passive income generation system.
  • Where and how to invest.


  • Financial education
  • How to create your own fortune
  • The secrets of billionaires
  • Where and how to invest

“Learn with us what they don't teach you at school or at the conventional university"

Goldbex University offers you:

  • Certified Training (Financial Education and Marketing)
  • Passive income (Earnings from day one)
  • Investments (Make money work for you)

“We want everyone to have access to our learning and income generation system”

In fact, all this(education and Income generation system) for just € 40 a month and of these 40 € Goldbex will share 30 of them on 5 levels as you can see in the picture below.

At the first level, or the people to whom you are recommending the university, you earn immediatly € 10, at the second level or direct of your direct, you earn immediatly € 5, as well as for the 3rd, 4th and 5th level.

With this ingenious system you will be able to build a residual income increasing month by month.


By clicking on the "simulator ..." button above, you can see what your monthly earnings will be by recommending the university to other clients and teach them to do the same.
You can use the simulator to set your goals.

For example, by recommending the university directly to only 3 people and teaching to double up to the 5th level, you can already obtain a monthly residual income of  1.830,00 €.

By getting a little more involved and setting the goal of recommending the university to 5 clients and teaching them to double the same strategy up to the 5th level, you will get a monthly residual income of  19.550,00 €.

And now set your monthly profit goals ...


Presentation of Goldbex University (Spanish webinar)

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